I Swear, He Looks Better In Person

I promise you — he looks better in person. Pictures just don’t do him justice! I mean, come on, would I really have dated him this summer if he wasn’t cute?

He’s just not photogenic. I swear. I can’t even find a good picture of him online. Don’t even bother stalking him on Facebook because he hasn’t changed his profile picture since 2012… and he doesn’t use Instagram either. He’s just not the social media type, you know?

He just looks bad in all his photos, so yeah I don’t want to open his snapchats in front of you. Especially when he smiles, the filters just make him look kind of weird. The Snapchat lighting is just a little off in general, I think. But I swear he’s cute, okay?

No, we don’t really have any pictures together because he doesn’t like being in any. He doesn’t listen to me when I tell him which are his good angles. Plus, taking pictures just isn’t really our “thing.” But believe me, if you saw him in person, you’d see what I mean.

His name? No, I’m not telling you because you’re going to look him up.

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