Art Kid Posting Zoomed-In Pictures Of Trash To Instagram Again

According to her Instagram bio, Jackson self-identifies as a ‘curator.’

Sources reported late last Friday that area art kid Samantha Jackson was once again posting zoomed-in photographs of trash to their Instagram account.

Jackson’s followers were alerted to the images of miscellaneous waste matter after refreshing their social media feeds that evening, finding themselves staring down a series of square, close-cropped photographs of a used SpongeBob Band- Aid on the sidewalk, a dropped Chipotle burrito, and Jackson’s own discolored left sock.

Jackson, who was last seen adjusting the exposure levels on a photo of dog feces piled underneath a public phone booth, entered her second year at the University of Michigan Stamps School of Art & Design this past September.

“I try to make sure that any assorted garbage I post is arranged in an aesthetically pleasing manner,” said Jackson when reached for comment, as she carefully adjusted a photograph of the innards of an upturned Kerrytown dumpster so that a blood-stained Kleenex would be consistent with the rule of thirds. 

Subsequent images of rubbish posted by Jackson were reportedly interspersed with blurry pictures of 18th-century French genre paintings overblown to the point of obvious pixelation, accompanied by captions featuring incomprehensible musings on poor emotional health.

Jackson was last seen posting an image of a napkin she dropped into her noodle soup to her Instagram story. 

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