Coworker Who Signed Email ‘Love,’ Must Have Made A Mistake, Right?

Huh, that’s strange. Ann from marketing signed her email to me “Love, Ann Shields” instead of her company signature.

It’s kind of a funny typo. I mean, it’s just such a silly mistake to make. Like calling a teacher ‘Mom’. A Freudian slip, I guess… unless it wasn’t. What if… she meant to say ‘Love’?

She’s never been this way before. Ann is, like the ultimate professional. She’s so into grammar, in, like, a weird way. I heard her supervisor say she once proofread a report over seven times! Either she really can’t spell or she’s terrible at proofreading.

No, no, I bet it was just a little accident, nothing else… But how do I know for sure? Should I write back and ask? Or should I pretend like I’m going to the water cooler and drop by her cubicle? Maybe, I should see if she wants to grab a drink after work.

Now that I think about it, it makes sense. I totally crushed it as her Secret Santa last year. She was all over the travel mug I got her; sparks were flying for sure. It might have been the egg nog talking, but when she said “Oh, I’ve been meaning to get one of these for my husband,” she was probably just trying to make me jealous. Classic Anna. I wonder if they’ve broken up by now.

You know what, I should start a Pinterest board of wedding inspiration posts. If this is happening, I want to be ready for it! I wonder if she’d be more into a rustic barn venue or if she wants something more traditional. Well, I’m willing to compromise. Ooo! Succulent bouquets! I should email her this link. How should I sign it?

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