Grandma’s Facebook Addiction Tears Family Apart

At press time, Henry had received three pokes in two hours from his Grandma.

Witnesses report that the entire Silva family is “coming apart at the seams” as a result of Grandma Lou Ann’s newfound Facebook addiction.

Sources state that Grandma Lou Ann started experimenting with Facebook back in 2009 when the family first bought her a PC.

“We thought it would be fun for her,” said Lou Ann’s firstborn son, Henry. “She quickly found some of her old high school friends on there. She started playing Farmville. It was nice.” 

“It used to be that grandma would just post on holidays or when something major happened,” commented eldest granddaughter Taylor. “Now it’s just a constant barrage of weird clickbait. She keeps sharing those posts that say ‘Jesus saw you read this,’ and stuff like that.”

Taylor later added, “the other day she even shared a picture of Donald Trump, except for some reason he was really buff.”

“It’s been really difficult to see some people in our own family are still liking Grandma’s shitposts,” said grandson Matthew. “It’s textbook enabling, and it’s really hard to watch from the people who are supposed to care about her the most.”

“For example, earlier today she shared one of those quizzes to find out which breed of cat you are,” Matthew continued. “My dad liked that for some reason. It’s like, dude, I know you didn’t actually like that.”

At press time, Grandma Lou Ann was seen accidentally live streaming while trying to figure out how to zoom in on the pictures of knitting patterns her friend Barbie had posted. 

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