Report: Car Window Making That Whoosh Bum Bum Bum Bum Sound

‘Thub thub thub thub,’ reported the car.

Sources report that a local 2006 Honda Civic has been making that one “whooshy kabum kabum” sound as a result of the front passenger window stuck slightly ajar. 

With the noise becoming very noticeable at speeds above 35 miles per hour, the car’s owner Rory Allman explained that the window was “making [his] eardrums feel all weird from that weird bass effect thing,” and that he “tried using duct tape and a grocery store bag but it seems like a lost cause at this point — it’s still going to be making that ‘kwoosh bump bump bump’ sound.” 

Fellow motorist Megan Kingsley reported that “that car looks like it’s falling apart for sure,” before going on to explain that, “you can definitely hear the ‘swoosh swoosh boom boom’ noise from the outside of the car too.” 

Mechanic Dave Michaelson was quoted saying, “Yeah it’s a pretty common issue that’s just a matter of air pressure and taking the time to come in and get your window fixed,” before adding “that goddamn noise is the worst though. It makes you feel all gross in your head just thinking about that ‘quoosh spum bum.’” 

Allman says that rather than pay for a repair, he’s “just going to roll down another window” because, “it turns that ‘bum da bum da bum’ sound into more of a ‘swooooosh bum’ one, which is a little better.”

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