Report: Shortest Grocery Line Has Slowest People

Every customer in the queue had reportedly filled their carts with obscure fruit requiring produce codes.

Upon attempting to purchase groceries at Kroger this past weekend, student Evelyn Morris was shocked to find that the check-out line she had picked, which was the shortest of the available lines, was in fact, the slowest-moving line in the entire store.

Despite the other lines each having an average of six people and Morris’ line only having three, sources confirm Morris was the last of all customers to reach a register. Reports have confirmed the people in front of Morris were a woman with two full carts, a child paying in pennies, and a man sharing his entire life story with the cashier.

Morris was seen staring at other lines, imagining the possibilities and questioning her entire self-worth.

“I could tell the other lines were moving faster, but there was absolutely no way I was going to switch lines,” claimed Morris, whose week was reportedly ruined by the event.

“I just wanted to buy a few packs of gum. I thought I’d be in and out real quick, but now my Google calendar is all off,” said the crestfallen student.

Meanwhile, accomplishments of some of the patrons who used faster, longer lines reportedly include making a full dinner and getting home in time to watch the big game.

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