Toddler Alone At Grocery Store Must Have Driven Self There

‘He seems to know what he’s doing,’ said a nearby Trader Joe’s employee.

After multiple sightings of unaccompanied toddler Owen Malvy in Trader Joe’s, witnesses have confirmed that he must have driven himself there.

While most shoppers took note of Owen’s unaided journey through the store, all assumed that his family had given him the keys to the Subaru and sent him to buy groceries for the week.

“The kid looked like he pretty much had it handled,” commented shopper Alan Barner about the petrified child who had been abandoned by his family. “You could tell by his rosy red face and fearful look that he knew he couldn’t disappoint his family by forgetting something on the shopping list he’d been given.”

Malvy reportedly strolled from aisle to aisle for the first 15 minutes of his trip, not bothering to use a miniature grocery cart for the various cans of soup he pushed from the shelf to the floor. In the later part of his excursion, he reportedly turned to at least six women with blonde hair and uttered “Mom?” before heading to another aisle to purchase the necessary goods for his household.

“Kids are regulars in here” remarked Trader Joe’s employee Janice Benton. “He comes through once, twice a week. It’s good to see him getting out and shopping for himself instead of relying on his parents.”

Benton later responded to Malvy’s cries of “I’m lost” by pointing him in the direction of the dairy aisle.

At press time, Malvy’s mother was calling him through the PA system.

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