Another Royal Baby On The Way! Queen Elizabeth II Has Announced She Is Pregnant With Her Fifth Child!

Royal family fans, rejoice! Buckingham Palace has announced that The Queen is expecting another child. The new prince or princess will be due in April.

The child will be 21st in line for the throne, so we won’t see this baby ruling any time soon. But that doesn’t mean we aren’t still overjoyed at the addition to the royal family!

Prince Charles issued a statement shortly after the news broke, saying that he was “thrilled at the prospects of becoming a big brother to yet another brother or sister,” adding shortly afterwards that his new sibling “will not be allowed to play with any of his toys.”

Some royal fans have noticed the large gap between the birth of the new Royal Baby and the last of The Queen’s children, Prince Edward, who was born in 1964. But The Queen is no stranger to waiting between babies. There was a ten year difference between the births of The Queen’s second child, Anne, and third child, Andrew. This just shows The Queen’s expertise in family planning. How wise!

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has reportedly purchased flowers and a card for the Sovereign. He was grinning ear-to-ear, happily waiting to congratulate Her Majesty in Person. When approached by reporters, PM Johnson’s only comment was an eruption of giggles, followed by a short jig.

Buckingham Palace has refused to comment on the rumors of the new cutie, but royal experts have floated a few likely suggestions. Pointing to the tradition of using iconic British names for Royal Babies, suggestions include Richard, Margaret, Bono, Hermione, Gordon Ramsey, and Peppa.

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