Heathen Chicken Lays Deviled Eggs

Sources confirm the eggs are sinfully delicious.

The Good News farm in Homer, Michigan has enjoyed a recent bump in egg sales thanks to Barry, an unbaptized chicken capable of laying deviled eggs.

While the Amish farmers routinely baptise newborn chicks hatched on the farm, Father Jebidiah, the town’s foremost avian priest, failed to give rites to the now famous fowl:

“Usually I get to all of them, but I realized that my perfect baptism record was a sign of pride, and thus an affront to God himself. It turns out my religious convictions were mistakenly founded, as our new Lord has blessed us with Barry, who for three weeks has laid these sacrilegiously delicious deviled eggs by the dozen.”

Members of the community at first found Jebidiah’s marked change in religious beliefs disconcerting. However, once they tasted the miraculously already cooked, sliced, and seasoned eggs Barry the Chicken had laid, many, including the town’s mayor, experienced a similar change of heart:

“Our town’s love is for the devil’s own, our Barry, who has enlightened us with these delectable morsels. The yolks, so craftily pre-mixed with a perfect proportion of mustard and mayonnaise, are all the proof our community needs in the awesome power of our great Lord Lucifer.”

Barry’s purported effect on the other chickens in the farmer’s hen house has been pronounced at times. Farmer Joe Buck claims that Barry’s presence alone spells a frequent supernatural doom to any other chicken that goes near him:

“It’s no problem at all. We’ve given Barry her own hen house, and we’ll be enjoying these eggs for years to come.”

At press time, demonic chantings were heard near Barry’s shed, but Jebidiah was not available for comment.

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