Man Charged With DUI Swears He Hasn’t Been Driving Tonight

Henderson recommended the cop ask the car if it had been drinking.

At approximately 9:40 pm last night, a Cameron Valley squad car pulled over a black Mazda, reportedly exceeding the Route 9 speed limit by over 25 mph. After being charged with a DUI, the owner of the vehicle told authorities that he had not been driving tonight.

When the state trooper got to his vehicle, Daniel Henderson, 35, was seen visibly drunk with multiple open containers of alcohol in his car. Despite the overwhelming evidence that Henderson was indeed intoxicated, the suspect continued to argue that he was never actually driving.

“Was I under the influence? Absolutely. The breathalyzer never lies,” Henderson told reporters over an hour ago. “But at no point tonight was I operating that vehicle. I don’t even drive anymore. Haven’t in years.”

Amidst the stirring controversy, James Drury, the officer who stopped Henderson’s Mazda, informed the press about the updated status of the case.

“The suspect was severely inebriated,” Drury said as dash cam footage of the event played behind him. “He was also the only individual in the car. So was he in fact driving tonight? That’s something we are going to have to look into further.”

While Drury has faced some backlash from friends and family of Henderson, who claim that he is convicting an innocent, non-driving citizen, Drury’s Chief of Police, Erik Sinclair, defended his fellow ranger.

“The first thing people say is that they haven’t been driving. No one is going to just admit it,” said Chief Sinclair outside of the holding cell that Henderson will be spending his Friday night in. “But unless they’re in the passenger seat when we come to the side of the vehicle, we’re going to have to assume that they’ve been driving.”

Cameron Valley PD has also recently begun investigations on a hit and run suspect who claims he was “walking the entire time.”

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