Man Struggling To Determine If Short Hair On Table Pube

The hair was reportedly just frizzy and shiny enough to raise suspicion.

While doing some work at a local cafe, Eddie Holmes is reported to have looked down at the table and noticed a very short, coarse hair next to him. Sources confirm he was unable to determine whether the hair was an eyelash, beard hair, or pube.

Attempting to casually inspect the hair without bringing about unwanted attention, Holmes is said to have had trouble deducing the origin of the singular piece of short, thick hair.

“It was coarse enough to be either,” said Holmes. “It’s hard to tell, even after retracing my steps, because I did just go to the bathroom. But I also just rubbed my eyes, and I’ve been growing a beard for ‘No-Shave November’… I mean, hair falls out pretty easily.”

Instead of trying to brush the hair aside, Holmes reportedly decided to get a closer look by twirling it beneath the light to assess its curl and texture in order to reach a conclusion.

“He was just sitting there holding something in between his fingers, shining his phone light on it,” said cafe-goer Amanda Smith. “It took me a while to realize it was a hair he was analyzing. It was pretty gross.”

Though there was no determination made as to whether the hair was an eyelash, beard hair or pube, after inspecting the piece of hair, Holmes was seen putting it on his finger and making a wish “just in case.”

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