Nation’s Idiots Begin Compiling Turkey Stuffing Sex Jokes For Thanksgiving

The imbeciles announced their plans to baste the turkey in gravy.

In preparation for Thanksgiving, the nation’s idiots have begun collecting a repertoire of turkey stuffing sex jokes to be used at dinners, parties, and other relevant holiday gatherings.

“We just want to make sure everyone is prepared to make untimely and inappropriate jokes about the sexual nature of inserting one’s arm into a raw, fleshy turkey,” commented local idiot Tyler Murphy. “It’s our duty to make sure there are ample remarks to make as many people as possible deeply uncomfortable while trying to enjoy the moist, delectable thighs and breasts of a stuffed bird.”

Sources were able to provide samples of the jokes, ranging from unprompted sexual advances such as “Hey, Josephine, you want to get stuffed like that turkey tonight?” or more subtle uses of the joke like “Trust me, your Uncle Dale knows how to stuff a turkey.”

The fools have announced plans to spread discomfort by making predictable, recycled jokes comparing traditional holiday cooking to sensuous, satisfying intercourse.

Reports show that the collection of jokes to be used by morons across the nation include remarks like “is that your pop-up timer, or are you just happy to see me?”

When asked what they are thankful for, America’s halfwits claimed they were thankful for the Turkey, which had a fist shoved into an opening between its legs and received a hard, deep thrusting.

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