We Demand To Be Tweated With Wespect

Since the beginning of time, we baby talkers have been welegated to the fwinges of society, deemed infantile and unimpowtant by the mainstweam definition of what’s nowmal. Well we awe fed up and demand to be taken sewiously. Consider this a declawation of independence fwom the gwips of oppwession.

Many people ask, “why?” and to that we weply, “why not?” This lifestyle is a choice, and we have the wight to puwsue it. What is the diffewence between this and, fow example, voting wepublican, or hunting wabbits? Pwecisely. We are not asking fow much, just to be tweated with dignity.

It cannot be wepeated enough how incwedibly sewious we awe about this. We wefuse to tolewate any more widicule at the hands of those who disagwee with us and our choices. We are perhaps most fwustated with the fact that people keep asking us to put our pawents on the phone.

Some people may be confused as to why we pwefer baby talk; to be cleaw we awe gwown ups and not babies, and we do not have speech impediments. We just do it because it’s fun and we will not stand for any mowe hawassment.

We have said it many times in many ways, but it wawants wepeating: we wefuse to be pacified!

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