Caroler Singing Soprano Clearly An Alto

Romera was seen drinking tea with lemon and honey after straining her vocal cords.

Recent reports have confirmed that area alto Amy Romera is trying to carol in soprano despite clearly not having the vocal range.

“She’s really more of an alto, and she’s practically verging on tenor,” said eyewitness Sara Andrews. “She’s definitely nowhere near the middle C to high A range. That’s really a reach.”

Andrews went on to say that “it would be one thing if her tessitura was lower, but her vocal timbre is clearly shaky, and her voice would be much better suited if it was situated a little higher.”

While some people listening to the unfortunate singer smiled politely despite their aching ears, others were unable to tolerate the clear disregard for natural vocal limitations.

Area man Ross Owens said that he welcomed the carolers at first but quickly shut the door on them because it was just so unnerving to hear someone so clearly outside their natural vocal range.

“I much prefer ‘Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer’ sung in the key of B major,” said Owens, “but she could hardly even do it in C.”

At press time, Romera was heard straining her voice after demanding a solo in “Silent Night.”

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