Girl Currently Ignoring Man’s Text Going Live On Instagram

Portman allegedly started an Instagram poll seeking advice on what to do with all her free time.

Area man Stephen Bradley quickly lost hope that area woman Amanda Portman would ever reciprocate interest last week after viewing her live Instagram story that began two hours after Bowman sent an unanswered text.

Bradley reportedly sent Portman a mid-day text proposing “a cup of coffee together or something next week, if you’re free,” approximately 107 minutes before receiving a mobile notification that Portman was going live on the photo-sharing platform.

After he had waited nervously for nearly two hours for a reply from his romantic prospect, Bradley thought it “a little weird that Amanda was going live when she was too busy to talk.” Yet Bradley later noted that “she probably had a good reason, though, and she urgently needed to show her life off to everyone at that exact moment.”

According to reports, Bradley “tried to ignore the notification” but ended up joining the live stream to Portman’s 1,782 Instagram followers because he “just wanted to see what she was up to.”

Bradley was reportedly one of 250 viewers of the story, observing to himself that Portman was “very busy doing a self-care routine with her friends.” He also pointed out that the streamed footage of Portman cruising with the girls downtown was “probably part of something they started doing way, way before she started to go live. It’s probably why she read my text but couldn’t respond.”

Bradley was seen sending multiple, increasingly desperate messages into the live Instagram chat bar, first asking, “Haha what are you doing?” before typing “That’s so weird, I just texted you before you went live haha,” all of which were met with just as much silence as his earlier iMessage proposition.

When reached for comment, Portman said that she was “just trying to let Stephen down easily,” adding that she “isn’t really interested in losers that always watch her Instagram Live stories anyway.”

At press time, Portman had started live-tweeting a football game.

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