‘I Need A Sugar Daddy,’ Says Girl Whose Real Dad Pays Her Tuition In Full

‘I’m so broke,’ insisted Maxwell, apparently unaware of the trust fund established in her name.

U-M sophomore Kim Maxwell made waves last Friday when she announced to a friend that she “really needs a sugar daddy or something,” stressing the urgency of funds from an older partner to supplement the $66,698 her parents already paid annually for her to attend the university.

The remark was reportedly made at the State Street Urban Outfitters, where Maxwell was spotted purchasing upwards of $400 worth of clothing.

“I can’t keep spending my money like this,” said Maxwell, walking past the clearance rack on her way to the fitting rooms. “I need a sugar daddy.”

Maxwell, last spotted zipping up the Canada Goose jacket she received from her parents last Christmas, continued, explaining, “Okay, for example, I spend way too much money on coffee. Five dollars a day. It’s such a problem. I wish I had someone to cover that.”

Maxwell, who worked part-time as a lifeguard at her family’s country club last summer, is reportedly concerned that her reckless spending without sugar daddy income will eat up all of the money she currently has saved.

“These girls I see on Twitter, they have these old guys halfway across the country that just send them money,” Maxwell, whose parents back in Florida pay the entirety of her out-of-state tuition, explained. “But sometimes it gets creepy and sexual, and that would just be weird. I think the ideal situation would be someone who sends you money without you having to do anything for it,” she concluded.

Maxwell’s real parents declined to comment, citing that they were too busy golfing with their business associates, whom Maxwell later identified as ideal potential sponsors.

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