Man Still Misogynistic Even After Applying Nail Polish

Adams was spotted using a bell hooks quote about female power to pressure his girlfriend to go to the gym.

Local man Eric Adams was shocked to discover last Friday that he was still a raging misogynist, despite his recent application of a thick, black nail polish.

“Maybe I just need to add a few more layers?” wondered Adams out-loud as he unscrewed a bottle of Sally Hansen top coat. “I just don’t get it. I thought I did everything right,” he sighed, adding a funky essie Seafoam Green to his toes.

According to Adams, the realization that his blatant woman-hating had not been brought to its end by the polish use was “sobering.”

“Damn, I really thought I was helping to dismantle the patriarchy,” said Adams. “But I guess you can cop a feel without consent with painted fingers too.”

Adams, whom sources claim adorned his nails solely to get with bi chicks, was reported to have been catcalling women last week while sporting an absolutely popping hot-pink gel finish.

Adams was last seen asking a female classmate if his misogyny could be mitigated by using a more glittery polish next time.

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