Rabbi Decides He Should Put Up At Least One Hanukkah Decoration Too

'Borei pri HaEggnog,' reported Rabbi Schulstein.

Amidst the cheer and excitement of the Christmas Season, Rabbi Chaim Schulstein has complemented his synagogue’s Christmas tree with a small dreidel sticker on the window.

“I believe that members of every religious group and ethnicity should feel represented and valued during the holidays,” said Schulstein, as he fitted a Santa hat over a Torah. “That’s why I’m putting a light-up menorah in the bathroom in addition to covering the entire shul with Christmas trees and little candy canes.”

Like most holiday decorators, Rabbi Schulstein knows he’s under scrutiny during this time of year.

“Every December, people come into my temple and talk my ear off about the lack of Hanukkah decorations among the synagogue’s LED reindeer and remote-controlled lights,” the Rabbi stated as he unpacked a box of red and green Christmas crackers. “And to that, I tell them to look at the little plastic dreidel by the coat rack, right across from the nativity scene.”

Despite the complaints and criticisms from his congregants, Schulstein feels that he has done his part to alleviate the shadow that Ol’ Saint Nick has cast over Hanukkah.

Rabbi Schulstein implored his congregants to notice that the giant inflatable Rudolph was wearing a Star of David necklace.

At press time, Schulstein was saying a blessing over a cup of eggnog.

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