Sibling Currently In Best Standing With Family Nominated To Go Ask Mom And Dad For Thing

Myra was next in line.

Reports emerged from theRobertson household late last night that Jodie had been nominated by her older siblings to go ask Mom and Dad if they could see FrozenII in theaters because she was currently in “best standing” with the parental unit.

“Jodie is by far the most qualified to go ask Mom and Dad aboutFrozen II,” said Jodie’s older brother Trip. “I mean, she hasn’t even been sent to time-out for over a week.”

“Any other day, I would be the one to go ask Mom and Dad,” added other Robertson sibling, Myra. “I’m definitely the best at leveraging my weight as the middle child. But after Trip kicked over my Lego tower the other day and I punched him in the elbow, I think Jodie’s gonna have to be the one to step up to the plate.”

“Guys, I don’t know,” said Jodie when confronted by her two older siblings. “I guess I could try, but I already asked Mom if I could get next week’s allowance early…”

At press time, as Myra and Trip were conspiring over who would be most successful at asking Mom and Dad for extra dessert, Jodie’s voice was overheard from the parents’ bedroom, saying, “that’s okay. I didn’t really want to see Frozen II anyway.”

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