Taxation Is Theft

Look, nobody likes taxes. I know it. You know it. We’re all against the government coming into our homes, having sex with our wives, marrying our children, and getting their grimy hands all over our money.

My main point is that nobody ever consented to having their hard-earned money ripped from their hands in the middle of the night. American people essentially have a gun put to their head, and the government says, “you better pay us money or we’re gonna lock you in a cage.” Then the American people just give in and allow those communists in Washington to take whatever they want.

It’s time for us all to take a stand against corrupt politicians stealing our money and giving us absolutely nothing in return. If we got any use out of the government, it might be one thing. But until the day the government actually does something for me, taxation is the equivalent of me bringing my pump-action into a bank and robbing it.

Washington needs to understand that I have a whole family to support, and it’s an injustice to take away the money that I could be using to send my children to private school. How would those crooks like it if I came and raided the Capital Building? It’s the same thing.

Unless the government can magically show me some type of project they’ve put my money towards, taxation is theft.

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