Animal Rights Activist Chains Himself To Bear

The bear was reportedly impressed by Ryan’s iron will.

Last week, outspoken animal rights activist Marcus Ryan saw conflict with authorities after publicly chaining himself to a 1,100-pound Northern Grizzly bear.

The 32-year-old Ryan was reportedly attempting to draw attention to the importance of protecting American wildlife by approaching the subspecies of brown bear during hibernation and wrapping it in metal chains.

Witnesses have confirmed that Ryan and his ferocious furry friend were chained back-to-back.

“I knew that something like this would really get the issue in the spotlight,” Ryan explained, trying to comfort the struggling 9’10” brown bear that he was attached to. “I think people are really starting to get behind the cause,” he later added, as he saw police cars and ambulances arrive at the scene.

After an hour-long staredown between Ryan and the walking boulder, authorities confirmed it didn’t look like the activist would be separating himself from the animal anytime soon.

By press time, the bear had decided to take a nap, crushing Ryan in the process.

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