Best Part Of Old Person’s Day Worst Part Of Little Kid’s Day

The Lil’ Singers were less than enthused to bring a glimmer of hope to the geriatrics’ dismal lives.

Sources from Westbury Heights Assisted Living’s annual Lil’ Singers event have confirmed that the performance is simultaneously the best part of the day for the elderly sitting voluntarily in the audience, and the worst part of the day for the youth required to be on stage.

“All year long, I look forward to February 14th so we can hear the local elementary schoolers come in and sing those love songs for us,” said 90-year-old Linda Haith. “Their little voices just warm my heart.”

“God, I wish I had remembered the nursing home trip was today,” said seven-year-old Tamaya Walker. “I would have asked my mom to schedule my dentist appointment for this afternoon.”

Witnesses report that what was clearly the highpoint of the day for those above 80 was also undoubtedly the lowpoint for those below eight.

“I remember when I was that age,” said octogenarian Bill Thurston. “Man, those kids and their music takes me right back,” he added, wiping the tears from his eyes.

“I don’t get the point of making us come in here and sing for these geezers,” said second-grader Sammy Harris, after lip syncing the words to “This Little Light of Mine.” “They’ll probably have forgotten all about it by tomorrow.”

At press time, as the senior citizens waved goodbye to their beloved Lil’ Singers, it reportedly dawned on the horrified elementary schoolers that they would be old one day, too.

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