Betty White Celebrates Final Birthday

‘Many happy returns of the day,’ said White’s close friends and family, as she blew out the candles for the last time.

Hollywood legend Betty White rang in her 98th and final birthday on January 17th of this year in her Carmel, California home.

The television icon was surrounded by friends and family as she observed her last celebration of life. Numerous co-stars gathered to remember and praise the waning White, giving the fading star a good deal of joy during her concluding birthday bash.

“Betty has been working longer than most people on earth have been alive,” said Martha Ludden during White’s grand finale. When asked what the soon-to-be, last-to-die Golden Girl’s 98th year of life would look like, Ludden simply gestured towards the ancient actress, asleep and snoring loudly in the corner.

With White’s life drawing to a close, Ryan Reynolds, White’s co-star in the hit 2009 film, The Proposal, made an appearance, describing her on set as “a lively force that [they’re] all honored to have gotten to know.”

“Can’t wait for your next birthday,” added Reynolds, winking at the soon-to-be-dead nonagenarian actress, as he cut himself another slice of birthday cake.

White was last seen eating a single Jell-O cup for dinner and mumbling “it’s been a good run” over and over to herself before taking a frighteningly long nap.

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