‘Chat Shite and Take The Piss,’ Report British Rappers

“Good bloke, innit love?” reported the rappers when pressed to comment.

Recent reports indicate that British rappers have announced their intention to “chat shite and take the piss.”

“Upper Bucklebury lads on a big man ting innit,” said the United Kingdom-based artists, spewing complete gibberish onto their adoring fans.

“Got new kicks looking gully, my bird peng looking like Sully,” reported the hordes of British rappers in their stupid accents, spouting utter nonsense for hours in the studio. “I got 50 quid call me a banker. You got tuppence, you a wanker,” they continued, pausing their tirade of hogwash only to renew their TV licenses.

Millions of fans were reportedly “chuffed to bits” upon discovering that their favorite Limey rappers had dropped a new album of poppycock.

With a scone in one hand and a musket in the other, the small island nation’s rappers reported plans to “pop the wasteman blud we not moist.”

After a long day of gang activity, the rappers had reportedly finished tea and were getting ready to sup on scrumptious cucumber sandwiches.

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