Crush Still Looks Hot In Grandma’s Tagged Photos

At press time, Bernstein’s admirers were seen friend-requesting his grandmother.

Sources were eager to confirm this afternoon that Derek Burnstein still remained absolutely stunning in his grandmother’s tagged Facebook photos. Viewers stated that despite Rosie Ann Burnstein tagging her grandson in an off-guard photo, taken on what looked like an iPhone 4S camera, Derek maintained his smoldering, handsome composure.

Reports have confirmed that upon deeper investigation into Derek’s timeline, the consistency of his hotness in each tagged family picture continued to be stellar.

“Fantastic day at the lake,” stated a caption from another post from Rosie Ann, supplementing a photo of her grandson sitting shirtless on a dock, abs ripped, body toned, and sky-blue eyes glinting in the sunlight. One Facebook user, a potentially thirsty scroller and online friend of Derek’s, accidentally love-reacted to the post, unaware that it was his grandmother’s tagged photo.

According to sources, it appeared that Rosie Ann Burnstein herself was very aware of the hotness of her grandson, considering that she captioned her post from her birthday last year, “I am so grateful to have such a handsome grandson to celebrate with on this special day.”

“Christ is Born. So blessed to spend another amazing service with my beautiful family,” read the caption of Rosie Ann’s post from Christmas Eve Mass, featuring Derek looking especially sexy in his tailored Banana Republic suit and tie and tight black dress pants.

At press time, one of Derek’s secret admirers was seen screenshotting his grandma’s latest post and sending it to a group chat to thirst over with their friends.

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