Early Medieval Painter Just Doing Jesus Or Mary Again

The feudal artisan knew his customers would eat it up.

Early medieval painter Warwick Pembersley made a creative breakthrough at sundown last Wednesday, when the uninspired feudal artisan finally decided he was “just going to paint Jesus or Mary again.”

Following niht after niht of intense “painter’s block,” the frustrated Pembersley was reportedly “wracked for inspiration” until the idea of depicting either Mary the Blessed Virgin or Her Beloved Son suddenly came to him.

“I was completely out of ideas,” said the artist-serf, who was eventually able to overcome his creative impasse by painting devotional images of the two most iconic figures in Orthodox Christianity.

The artist was reportedly “reinvigorated” as he once again decided to render either the Immaculate Conception or His Sacrifice in the exact same visual format as all his medieval contemporaries.

Pembersley also noted that he might add “a touch of gold dust” to distance himself from the pack. “I’ll totally forgo perspective for this one too,” stated the Middle Ages artisan, referring to the pictorial mode of representation he had been practicing since his apprenticeship.

Though unable to disclose the subject of his next painting at press time, Pembersley reportedly winked and shrugged a shoulder in the direction of an ornate wooden cross.

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