Friend Clearly Notices New Haircut But Has Not Complimented It

Mercer was seen dramatically running his hands through his hair to no avail.

Sources report that last Thursday, area man Brett Mercer debuted his new haircut to “mostly positive reactions,” except for one friend who apparently made no comment whatsoever, despite clearly having noticed the new ‘do.

Jacob Brozak, Mercer’s “seemingly indifferent” friend, reportedly talked to Mercer for “over 15 minutes” without even mentioning Mercer’s appearance.

“It was my first haircut in almost two months so they took a lot off, really cleaned my stuff up,” stated Mercer. “Jacob definitely noticed it. I swear to god I saw his eyes move from my face to the top of my head and back down again. He was getting a load of the cut!”

Several eyewitnesses confirmed that Jacob definitely viewed the hairstyle change, yet made no comment on it at the time. Given this evidence, Mercer made a public statement that Jacob is a “shitty ass fake friend.”

At press time, Mercer was seen putting on a baseball cap and removing his latest Instagram post about his recent haircut.

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