Gritty New Minions Sequel To Be Set In Soviet Russia

The cute yellow comrades reportedly had nothing to lose but their chains.

In a recent press release, Universal Pictures has announced plans to continue the high-grossing Despicable Me movie series with a new Minions spin-off set in the post-war USSR.

The upcoming feature, tentatively titled миньоны, was filmed in black-and-white and will be released in the fall. It follows America’s favorite yellow cuties as they aid in upholding the post World War II Soviet socialist regime.

“As established in the previous films, the Minions always look for the most evil villain to serve,” said spokesperson Alice Lynch. “Logically, for this film, we figured Kevin and Bob should be serving some authoritarian despots in the Soviet Union.”

Insider sources claim that the spin-off, with its antihero protagonists and subtitled foreign dialogue, is an early contender for awards season.

The film has already been hailed as “quite the departure from the originals.” It has reportedly earned an ‘R’ rating due to its controversial scenes of fan-favorite character Dave committing atrocities in the gulags.

“It’s not a complete 180 from the original films, though,” conceded director Robert Lewis. “For example, in the first Despicable Me, Gru uses his freeze ray to freeze his enemies. We have sort of a call-back scene in миньоны, where the Minions are ordered to take political prisoners to Siberia.”

Audiences can expect to see миньоны in select art-house theatres this fall.

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