I Thought You Liked When I Did That

Wait, babe, I thought you were cool with that? I swear, I totally wouldn’t have said that if I wasn’t totally positive you were okay with it. I mean, shit, I love you so much, I never would have said anything to hurt you. It was just a joke anyways. It was actually pretty funny — maybe you just don’t get the joke.

You seemed to really enjoy it the last time we talked about it. I was just trying to make you happy. But for real, I won’t do it again. It’s totally not a big deal, I really love you, so I’m happy to switch this up for you. We should both feel comfortable and good. But, I thought you liked it?

Listen, if you don’t like it, no big deal. We can do anything together babe, but I really thought you were into it. Like we absolutely shouldn’t do it, but also, maybe we should talk about it. Are you sure you didn’t like it? Because we can definitely change, but also, why?

Dude, you said you were okay — are you seriously still upset about this?

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