Kid With Rolling Backpack Running To Bus

Klemmer’s light-up shoes were reportedly going nuts.

Sources are confirming that last Tuesday, following Parkview Middle School’s dismissal, Flinn Klemmer, 12, was again seen running to the bus with his rolling backpack in tow.

“We all knew to get out of his way,” remarked fellow seventh-grader Emma Mencini, narrowly avoiding the dangerous light up plastic wheels of Klemmer’s navy blue High Sierra roller bag.

After the procession of Klemmer, Mencini was also quoted as saying, “If you slow him down, he’ll start screaming about how he’s going to be late for the bus, even though the bus driver saves him a seat next to her.”

Sources close to the issue were able to confirm that Klemmer’s sprint from the classroom to the buses is an almost daily routine. He reportedly makes a feverish dash out of final period to his locker, where he jams loose papers into his rolling bag until he hastily zips up its reported eleven pockets and begins his turbocharged journey while muttering “go, go, go” to himself.

“We’ve repeatedly asked the other students to stop staring at him while he does this,” commented sixth grade English teacher Ms. Lewis, as she watched him dart between groups of averagely paced peers. “I told his parents that if he has to sprint everywhere, he should at least use a regular backpack so he’s less of a spectacle,” she continued, moments before telling a group of eighth graders to stop imitating his hunched, un-athletic running style.

Subsequent reporting revealed that Klemmer reported his keychain hand sanitizer missing after his most recent rolling backpack-accompanied dash to the bus.

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