Study Finds Going Home For Break Best Way To Test SSRI Effectiveness

Stevenson was sent on a downward spiral after his first conversation with his mother.

A recent report by the North American Journal of Medicine has shown that, in three separate double-blind studies, the most effective method to test the effectiveness of SSRI antidepressants was to send college students home for break.

In an interview discussing her and her team’s breakthrough research, Doctor Belinda Meyers claimed that these prescriptions were never working harder than when trying to combat negative comments from parents and siblings in subjects’ childhood homes.

LSA junior Kassi Stevenson had reportedly initially thought that her Zoloft was doing a good job until her doctor suggested she put it to the test when spending break at home with her helicopter parents. 

In a statement, Stevenson remarked, “I was feeling good, but the second I stepped through my doorway and my mom asked me, ‘Did you actually wear that in public?’ my serotonin levels flatlined. It was like I wasn’t on any drugs at all.”

Prior to this study, the most commonly accepted strategies of testing the effectiveness of new antidepressants was forcing patients to speak publicly or checking how they felt when a text to their crush was left on read. However, going home and spending unending quality time with family seems to be the most effective method to date of pushing this medication to its limits. 

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