Vet A Little Too Eager To Put Dog Down

Dr. Beyer couldn’t wait to feel the animal’s life force leave its cold, dying body.

Area veterinarian Dr. Glenn Beyers is reportedly under fire for being “unsettlingly enthusiastic” during a recent euthanasia procedure.

According to witnesses, area woman Mandy Perry, 36, brought her dog Tulip, 11, into Dr. Beyers’s office because she believed her dog was in excruciating pain.

According to Ms. Perry what transpired was a “harrowing experience” for her but a seemingly “pleasurable” one for the veterinarian.

“As he pushed down on the syringe, he let out this creepy sigh like this was some sort of release for him,” Perry later recalled.

Another local pet owner, Katya Dvorin, alleges to have brought her cat in to Dr. Beyers’ clinic last week for what she thought would be a simple procedure of removing a tiny splinter from the feline’s paw.

“I almost did it myself, but then I thought I had better trust the vet’s steady hand,” Dvorin explained. “Then when I told him about the problem, he went straight to amputation. Before long, he said there was nothing he could do.”

Both Dvorin and Perry also reported that, following the euthanasia treatments, they were unable to take their pets home with them for a proper burial.

When reached for comment Dr. Beyers explained that he needed to hold on to the corpses “for, um, research purposes.”

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