Weird Kid Forced To Be Partners With Student Teacher Again

Mr. Nathan reportedly made a mental note to work in groups of three next time.

After several failed attempts to make eye contact with potential class partners, local fourth-grader Norm Daniels was forced to complete his worksheet on state capitals with student teacher, Mr. Nathan, as his partner.

“I saw his sweaty little face go bright red when Ms. Dolan told everyone to find a partner. I just wanted to make sure he didn’t work alone for the fourth time this week,” commented Nathan before he returned, squinting at feigning interest in Daniels’ worksheet.

Nathan went on to remark, “There’s nothing worse than feeling excluded, but you’re never excluded when you’re friends with the teacher.”

Classroom sources confirmed that Ms. Dolan often assigned in-class worksheets which had to be completed with a partner. It was also revealed that the class has an uneven number of students, leaving Daniels as the outcast on an almost daily basis.

While popular students performed a slight scan of the room to find partners, Daniels was sent into panic, eventually left as the only student to raise his hand when asked by Ms. Dolan, “Who still doesn’t have a partner?”

The student administrator collaboration came as no surprise to Daniels’ classmates: “Maybe if he didn’t dip his cheese in his yogurt and smell like a doctor’s office, somebody would be partners with him,” said fellow fourth-grader Denise Riley.

Other students felt more responsibility for the upsetting nature of the alliance, recognizing that they could perhaps prevent such a situation in the future. Maggie Green acknowledged this, remarking “I guess one of us could take one for the team and work with him so we don’t have to put Mr. Nathan through this pain.”

Classroom sources later confirmed that Daniels was spotted at recess playing soccer with the school security guard.

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