Black Widow Renamed African-American Widow

The newly renamed character will be joining forces with African-American Panther come February.

Marvel Studios CEO Tony Rogers has recently confirmed that Black Widow will be renamed African-American Widow in a long-standing push for inclusivity. 

Black Panther was a hit. Captain Marvel broke barriers. So it only makes sense that we continue our studio’s trend of honoring diversity in every sense of the word by having our first black female lead in a MCU film,” Rogers stated in an interview at Marvel Studios. 

Sources reported that Marvel editors were seen changing all the logos in the film from Black Widow to African-American Widow. Additionally, the studio’s graphic designers were seen rushing to fix the marketing posters to match the renaming. 

The new African-American Widow (2020), originally scheduled to come out this May, has now been moved to late this February in order to best honor the achievements of the African-American community during Black History Month. 

“I think it’s really important I tell stories other people of color can relate to,” stated Scarlett Johannsson in an interview discussion of her character’s arc. “I don’t think anything speaks to the African-American experience more than delving into the history of a former KGB assassin and Russian spy,” she added. 

The public will be able to see African-American Widow in IMAX on February 29th. 

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