Humanity Win! This Woman Bought Lunch For The Homeless Man Outside Her Work Place And Then Absolutely Drenched It In Hot Sauce

It’s hard to find true acts of humanity in today’s modern world, but this woman’s brave choice to help someone in need will inspire hope in even the biggest pessimists.  

Last Thursday, 37 year old Sally Novak decided to purchase lunch for the homeless man who lives outside her office building, and before giving it to him, she absolutely drenched it in hot sauce. 

It can be easy to just ignore other peoples’ problems, and go about your day to day life commuting from home to the office, and then back again tomorrow. Fortunately, we have people like Sally in the world, who are making a difference by providing those in need of food with mouth burning, pain inducing options. 

Still don’t believe the world is a good place? Better think again. 

The homeless man was reportedly unable to eat the food because of the intense amount of pain it brought him to consume even a single bite. That one bite will sustain his hunger through the night and provide him energy to go get a job tomorrow! Wow. These kinds of results are what make Sally’s work totally worth it. 

So before you pass by the next homeless person you see on the street, think to yourself, what would Sally do? Then go buy them a delicious meal and completely soak it in unbearably spicy hot sauce until it’s practically inedible. 

Thanks, Sally, for reminding us what it means to be human.

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