New HBO Family Channel To Censor Curse Words During Sex Scenes

Younger viewers will now be able to see Daenerys get her ass pounded without all the inappropriate parts.

Last week, HBO announced exciting news that they are revising their image to be more “family-friendly,” taking particular consideration in censoring curse words during sex scenes. 

“It really is such exciting news,” said area mother Jane Singer. “I’m always worried about my kids walking in during a sex scene when ‘fuck’ is being yelled, but with HBO’s swear word censorship, I can watch Alexander Skarsgård boning Nicole Kidman in Big Little Lies in front of my children.” 

“Watching sex scenes with cursewords with my siblings and parents makes me squirm,” said high school senior Matt Edwards. “It’s just so uncomfortable when ‘F-bombs’ and ‘C-bombs’ and ‘S-bombs’ are constantly being dropped.” Edwards reported that his anxiety about rewatching Game of Thrones with his parents had decreased thanks to HBO’s new family-friendly venture. 

“I’m just glad that I don’t have to worry about curse words being blared from the speaker while I’m watching Daenerys and Khal Drogo have some kinky sex,” said Matt’s father Mike Edwards. 

HBO representative Tom Pearl stated that it was “time that appropriate measures be taken to ensure a positive show-watching environment, especially when that environment is an old-timey brothel or sexy robot lab from our hit series Westworld.” 

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