Report: Instagram Girls Only Thing Holding Leaning Tower Of Pisa Up

The influencers were excited to announce their new paid partnership with UNESCO.

Multiple sources report that the Leaning Tower of Pisa has remained relatively stable due to the influx of female tourists holding up the building in pictures later posted to Instagram.

In a new report, the World Architecture Community identified a unique factor in the durability of the nearly 900-year old monument. With the reported average of 4,314 girls taking the exact same picture, they have effectively counterbalanced the tilting structure. The organization found the most effective Instagram posts to be those with captions that contained either “#TiltTuesday” or “You want a Pisa me?”

Local tour guide Anna Russo has also observed certain women posing with their foot holding up the structure. Russo reported this as another highly successful mechanism for stablizing the building, despite the individuals themselves often losing their own balance.

At press time, Italian architect Giovanni Romano reported that “the building is not held up because the center of gravity is kept carefully within its base. Instead, we should thank these girls for the limitless effort they have put into keeping this monument alive.”

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