Speaker Gonna Have Audience Try That ‘Good Morning’ Again

McDonovan was last spotted holding the microphone out to the crowd.

Multiple audience members at a local business conference have reported that 8:30 am keynote speaker Colin McDonovan was going to have them try their “good morning” again.

Sources confirmed that McDonovan, looking especially bright-eyed and cheery for his Saturday morning presentation, pranced up to the onstage mic to greet the crowd with a resounding “good morning,” only to receive a disappointingly dismal “good morning” back.

“Let’s try that ‘good morning’ again,” stated McDonovan after it became clear that his audience was performing under the decibel level he was willing to accept.

The once-hesitant audience, in response to its leader’s prompting, reportedly then began to prepare itself, its members this time clearing their throats, prepping their diaphragms, and engaging their cores in an effort to earn a “That’s more like it!” response.

Following a whole minute of rehearsal, the expectant McDonovan stood at the mic, anticipating much louder call-and-response action from his crowd. Sources in the room confirmed that the audience, in collective unison, this time let out an only slightly-louder “good morning,” waking several sleepers in the back.

After contrasting the decibel and enthusiasm levels of the two collective responses in his head, McDonovan deemed the final “good morning” worthy of proceeding and was only then able to begin his talk.

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