Local Second Grader Apparently Stuck With Class Hamster Forever Now

The eight-year-old reportedly rose to the challenge of the strange and uncertain times.

Sources have confirmed that local eight-year-old Alex Hershell is “apparently stuck with this hamster forever now” after his school closed indefinitely during his weekend to take care of it.

Reportedly, Washington Elementary School Principal Raymond Harris had declared that school would remain open during the COVID-19 pandemic and that Hershell was free to take the hamster home for the weekend as usual. Two hours later, Harris then announced that students would not be returning to school until the fall.

“I guess he’s just ours now?” questioned Diane Hershell, Alex’s mother. “We can’t exactly bring him back. The little baggie of rodent food he came with is dwindling fast, and the grocery store is out of carrots.”

“Last weekend was supposed to be my weekend, but it was Ben S.’ birthday and he wanted Mr. Bubbles, so I switched with him,” commented Alex. “It’s good, because Mom didn’t let me get a hamster when I asked, but now I have him and there’s nothing she can do,” he said, placing the hamster in his older sister’s underwear drawer.

At press time, Mr. Bubbles was revealed to really have been Mrs. Bubbles all along, as she delivered 14 healthy hamster babies on the Hershells’ dining room table.

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