Male Artist’s Greatest Muse Just Nearest Woman With D-Cups

The aesthete considered himself a curator of the finest, perkiest tits.

A recent interview with painter-sculptor Stefan Solinsky has revealed the artist’s greatest muse to just be anyol’ woman standing near him with size-D or -DD breasts.

“An artist never knows when inspiration might strike, when his heart will be aroused, when he will be moved to take up his brush, or his chisel,” waxed Solinsky, the self-proclaimed connoisseur of the finer things in life, on his busty creative stimuli.

“It could be anyone, and it could be anything,” reiterated the expert of all things visual. “I’m always on the lookout for beauty in the world, in life, in human existence,” he continued. Solinsky later clarified his preference that this beauty specifically be women with nice tits.

Recent works by Solinsky include oil paintings and sculptures of nude women with his ideal chest, as well as a portrait of a woman he scrapped after finding out she was getting some push-up help.

“What can I say, I love what I do,”chuckled Solinsky about his work ethic. “I just never want to stop — I’m obsessed.”

“This one’s based on the chick I always see at the bodega in the morning,” said Solinsky, brush in hand, cocking his head while stepping back to examine his latest piece. “I assure you it’s a purely aesthetic interest,” he added, snapping back into it after staring way too long at his subject’s rack.

The painter was last seen in aBrooklyn public park, shouting “Nice ass!” at his latest artistic inspiration as she jogged past.

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