Man In Mickey Mouse Costume Realizes He Had Body On Backwards All Day

‘Meeska, mooska, Mickey Mouse, I can’t believe this is how I left the house!’ exclaimed Berry upon noticing his faux pas in the mirror.

After an eight-hour shift of mingling with thousands of tourists at the happiest place on earth, Disney World cast member Ronald Berry was embarrassed to realize he had been wearing his Mickey Mouse costume backwards all day.

“Aw, man,” said Berry upon retiring to the “cast members only” locker room and looking in the mirror — only to see that his rear-facing tailcoats were hanging down in front of his two white buttons. “Jeez, why did nobody tell me?”

Witnesses attest Berry was “mortified” to realize that his wardrobe malfunction had been captured in the thousands of selfies he had posed for with vacationing families throughout the day.

“Maybe that’s why that little girl started crying and hid her face in her mother’s skirt when she saw me pass by at the 3:00 pm parade,” thought Berry aloud as he mentally retraced his steps at the park.

“Boy, do I feel like a bozo,” Berry later added, while slipping out of his yellow, clown-size shoes.

At press time, Berry was seen face-palming after realizing his costume had been unzipped all day too.

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