Museum Visitors Staring At Painting Like It About To Do Backflip

Viewers were reportedly hanging around to see if Sunflowers (1888) would at least blink.

Visitors to the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam were recently spotted staring intently at the Dutch artist’s Sunflowers (1888) painting, as if it were going to do something more interesting than just hang there.

“The technique Van Gogh used in this work is like no other artist in history,” said museum visitor Fred Jacobs, staring at the inanimate object on the wall like it was going to come to life.

Like on most days, a crowd accumulated around the painting, with many admirers staring at the artwork for up to ten minutes, apparently convinced that the artwork might change if they wasted their time gawking at it for long enough.

“It’s been a dream of mine to come to the Van Gogh Museum and see this painting in real life,” said art enthusiast Jennifer Williams, under the impression that the painting would look different in person than it does on a simple Google search.

Despite the number of onlookers observing the artwork, recent reports have confirmed that, unfortunately for them, the painting remains exactly the same as when they started staring at it.

While most were taken with Van Gogh’s unmoving piece, some museum visitors were disappointed that the still life remained entirely still.

“That’s it?” asked Matthew Henry, who traveled 3,641 miles to see the painting that didn’t end up doing anything.

At press time, museum visitors were still in high hopes of the painting finally waking up after its 132 years of dormancy.

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