CAPS To Begin Offering ‘Same-Year’ Appointments In Response To COVID Mental Health Crisis

Woman looking over a schedule

In response to multiple reports demonstrating an unprecedented peak in mental health crises during the coronavirus pandemic, CAPS will begin offering convenient same-year appointments for students to keep up with the mounting crisis.

“We here at CAPS will do everything we can to support our overburdened students during this trying time,” commented CAPS administrator Michelle Roberts.“We continue to strive for and provide a marginally useful support system, especially during this once-in-a-lifetime, terribly anxiety-inducing pandemic.”

Sources that have used the new service report that the change has been beneficial. LSA sophomoreKevin Smith reports, “When I came to CAPS last year during a crisis, they scheduled me for March 23rd, 2024. This time, however, they conveniently scheduled me for February 15th, 2021, a full three years earlier than the original appointment.”

Lisa Rogers, a junior studying Biomedical Engineering reports, “Last time I went into CAPS, they gave me a stress ball and told me to listen to calming noises while they waited for new graduate students to volunteer as counselors. This time, they gave me two stress balls and assured me that I’ll see someone at least once before I graduate.”

In a press release, university President Mark Schissell announced that with this new service, theUniversity was “keeping in line with its commitment to do the bare minimum for its students’ health and wellbeing” and that “a little adversity is what makes us the Leaders and Best.”

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