Criss Angel’s Newest Magic Trick Turns Any Liquid Into Piss

Angel has been offered double his regular pay to perform his newest stunt outside of Olympic athlete drug testing facilities.

Criss Angel recently debuted a magic trick in which he turns any liquid around him into piss in a matter of hours.

“After hearing about David Blaine’s new balloon trick, I thought I had to respond with a big trick of my own,” reported Criss Angel. “It’s truly quite incredible to be using my own body in such a dangerous way for a stunt like this.”

“He came up to me and asked me for my Dunkin’ coffee,” reported Tyler Watson, a man who attended one of Criss’s shows. “He then told me I had to wait with him for like 2 hours. But honestly, I did not expect the result. I still don’t know how he did it.”

“In all my years performing magic, I’ve never seen anything like this,” commented famous magician David Copperfield. “The man just continues to innovate and change the game of magic.”

Around press time, Criss Angel was seen chugging a gallon of water in preparation for a sold out performance.

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