DJ Asks Everyone To Put Their Hands Up If They Have Any Questions

A DJ holding his left arm up in front of a packed dance floor
DJ McBoogie is reportedly available for Bar Mitzvahs and SAT prep.

During a wild Friday night party at the Parishna Club, DJ Beats McBoogie asked everyone on the floor to put their hands in the air if they had any questions.

“Are y’all having a good time out there? Are y’all ready for this?” asked DJMcBoogie to the drunk crowd on the floor. When the crowd began cheering, McBoogie remarked “I’ll wait.”

McBoogie started the night spinning loud house music to get the club energized. He then told the crowd that “y’all gonna love this one,” before playing lectures from Cosmos by Carl Sagan.

At various points throughout the night, clubbers would come to theDJ booth and ask McBoogie to “play some actual music instead.” McBoogie allegedly said that “you students are way too picky these days” and they need to “respect his Ph.DJ.” that he worked for.

After the show, DJ Beats McBoogie was reportedly seen handing out business cards, calling himself “Dr.”Beats McBoogie, and offering follow-up lessons to drunks at 2 in the morning.

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