Fraternity Members Question Ethics Of Hazing Amid A Pandemic

Brothers are reportedly starting to question whether hazing may put people in danger.

As the community continues to abide by the University’s safety guidelines established in response to the COVID-19 outbreak, many fraternity members on campus are questioning the morals of hazing during the pandemic.

“Obviously, in a perfect world, we would haze,” said Jake Krauchler, a senior in Lambda Lambda Delta. “But the world we are living in is far from perfect. And holding indoor gatherings with large numbers of people might not be the right thing to do right now. It could be dangerous.”

With pledge terms beginning for many Greek Life organizations, fraternity brothers are stuck figuring out how to mercilessly humiliate pledges while being conscious of COVID-19 safety procedures.

“Usually, we would lock up 15 pledges in a closet until they can finish 8 handles of Smirnoff,” said Krauchler, as he spaced out bottle caps for pledges to plank on while staying six feet apart. “But that would entail multiple people putting their mouths on the same container. We have to step back and think, ‘Are activities like this still in everyone’s best interests?’”

It is already clear that with the newfound controversy surrounding this honored tradition, pledge masters are losing their passion for the position.

“I want this fraternity to succeed, so naturally, I want every pledge to be duct taped to the basement walls of the frat-house and doused with hot maple syrup for 36 hours,” said Chi Alpha Beta Educator, Jim Bosden. “However, just because it’s normally okay doesn’t mean it’s acceptable right now.”

“One thing is for certain,” said Krauchler, while handing each pledge their own handle of Smirnoff, which they no longer have the luxury of sharing with others, “This pledge term is going to look a lot different than normal. We really have to make sure that we’re doing the right thing.”

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