Hungry Hungry Hippo Gets Gastric Gastric Bypass Surgery

A career of competitive eating left the hippo in need of elective cosmetic surgery.

The yellow hippo known as “Harry” from the popular Hasbro game Hungry Hungry Hippos has reportedly lost 72 pounds as a result of a gastric bypass surgery this past June.

Harry was released from the Los Angeles Dignity Health Medical Center this summer and was sent to his Montecito home to recover. Doctors advised Harry to avoid taking part in the game, to give himself time to recover.

Doctors have warned against overconsumption for semi-aquatic animals, including Hungry Hungry Hippos, as it might cause the stomach to rupture or cause weight gain. The surgery is designed to shrink the stomach down to 10% of its original size, and to reduce marble cravings to only one or two marbles per meal. Despite this, Harry was seen recently at an all-you-can-eat buffet with the pink hippo, Happy.

Dr. Charis Leone, head surgeon, expressed concern over Harry’s inability to control his new diet. “Harry is at risk of placing enormous strain on his digestive system. If he goes back to competing with the other hippos in a fast-paced game like his, not only could he tear his new stomach, but, would simply be very bad at the competition.”

Harry has been reportedly considering retirement to a swamp in Africa, citing lower motivation for his career and less of a hunger drive.

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