I Was Doxxed, Written Out Of The Will, And Nearly Lost My Job

Dentist Looking Sad

After participating in a grueling dental toothpaste study, I’m ready to speak my mind. You have to understand what they did to me. When they asked if I thought the toothpaste removed enough plaque I couldn’t lie. The repercussions were horrific. My own peers turned their backs on me as soon as they found out I disagreed with them. It was small at first. Not inviting me to lunches, “forgetting” to send birthday cards. But then they started gossiping. Ever since that fateful toothpaste study, everyone I met treats me like a pariah. Clients would spit at me while I tried to floss their teeth. I started to get hate mail. My parents stopped visiting. My own wife took our kids on a vacation without telling me. It’s only days before the divorce papers arrive. I took the oath they made me take in dental school to heart. I promised myself I would never lie about teeth, the bone I am sworn to protect. The toothpaste that they presented to me in the study had negative ramifications beyond imagination, I still don’t understand how nine other dentists gave it the green light. I’m convinced the alliance they formed is still growing stronger, monopolizing the tooth care industry. Sharing my story is the first step in helping the world understand what dentists in these studies have to go through. I don’t even know who will be brave enough to publish this. Friendless, nearly jobless and excommunicated from my family, at the very least I still maintain my dental hygiene. But I’m hanging on by the skin of my teeth. Dentists around the world, hear my warning. Beware of the dangers of participating in these studies. There is so much at stake for you, for the dental industry, and for all the beautiful teeth that make up the mouths of the world.

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