Intense Sexual Tension In Zoom Breakout Room Ruined By Professor Dropping In

Screenshot of a Zoom meeting.
Firkus and Miller were reportedly “pretty sure” that they were making eye contact before their professor dropped in.

Multiple sources have confirmed that when their professor, Dr. Sylvia Barton, dropped into their Zoom breakout, it “completely ruined the mood” between classmates Ashley Firkus and Ben Miller.

Witnesses reported that Firkus and Miller had started hitting it off when they began discussing their mutual interest in the assigned reading. According to one anonymous breakout member, it was only “about five minutes before everyone but them was on mute.”

Ashley and Ben had developed a level of sexual tension that made some students “uncomfortable,” though the students interviewed admitted they were “kinda into it.” The moment was reportedly ruined by Dr. Barton popping into the breakout room to check on the group’s discussion.

“I could tell that my students were very engaged with the material today. When I dropped in, I could hear Ashley laughing at a good point Ben had made. He’d even turned the fancy LED lights in his room red to be on theme with our conceptual analysis of the subtext in The Crucible,” Dr. Barton commented.

Other students claimed that Dr. Barton’s intrusion on the meeting “completely dispelled any sexual energy that had formed” between their two classmates and “effectively ended any chance they had of exchanging phone numbers in the chat.”

At press time, witnesses reported that Ashley and Ben were both completely silent by the time everyone returned to the main meeting room

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