Man Taking Inkblot Test Sees Something HeProbably Shouldn’t; Says Butterfly Instead

man holding an inkblot page
Kritz’s observation was better left unsaid.

After seeing something truly unspeakable when his psychiatrist was administering a Rorschach inkblot test, local 25-year-old Jacob Kritz claimed he saw a butterfly instead.

Kritz reportedly spent most of the test in a state of boredom until reaching the seventh inkblot. After an “unbearable pause,” Kritz said that the inkblot looked “kind of like a butterfly? Or like a moth, maybe?”

Kritz’s hesitation did not go unnoticed.“He took forever on that one, so I knew he saw something fucked up,” explained Jacob’s psychiatrist, Dr. Richard Dunn. “It’s my job to get to the root of this, and I’ll do it, but believe me when I say I’m dreading hearing what he really saw. It would probably be better for everyone if we never find out.”

When asked about the inkblot, Jacob stuck to his story. “What? Oh, yeah, I thought that one looked like a butterfly,” Kritz claimed in a noticeably shaky voice. “I mean, those tests don’t really mean anything, right?”

Kritz allegedly saw a few other bizarre things in the inkblots, but according toDr. Dunn, Jacob’s perceptions of the blots were “more downright kooky than truly concerning.” “He told me one of them looked like a giant grasshopper eating a chicken wing,” Dr. Dunn added. “How could he possibly be familiar with that silhouette?”

At press time, sources confirmed that Kritz has developed a strong aversion to pens.

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